Our full-service development offering include both single architectural home and multi-unit development projects. Our extensive development services include assistance in land acquisition, design, feasibility analysis, council consent requirements and project management.

Harper crew
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Unwavering commitment to effective problem solving and cost containment

Our experienced construction team, led by builder and founder, Jonny Harper, have an unwavering commitment to cost containment and quality craftsmanship and have a proven track record in executing complicated civil earthworks and above ground construction projects.

Our clients trust us to execute their visions on a daily basis, and we have demonstrated experience working with some of Auckland’s premium architects, consultants and subcontractors.

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Why Develop with HARPER?


Avoid unnecessary expenses

Multi-unit developments can come with a variety of issues that cut into your development margin when not approached correctly. Complex site logistics, council controls, flood plains and geotechnical issues are all aspects of development projects we are used to. At HARPER we leverage our deep understanding and experience of working on steep, complicated sites, in order to keep your costs down and profit margin up.


Protect Your Profits

We’ll recommend any necessary variations to your original ideas that could reduce your construction costs and improve your margin. There are many ways to alter your scope without decreasing the quality of your end product and we’re happy to walk you through them all.


Design to Your Feasibility & Budget

To help you save, we can collaborate with a designer or Architect who have worked with complicated sites and can design a development concept that’s tailored to your site, your needs and budget.


Build to suit your site

Some sites best suit a retaining wall and slab. Others need a structure built off the ground. We help you make the right choice for your site so you keep more profits, save more time and alleviate more stress.


Enjoy a no-surprises build

We take the time to create a comprehensive, fixed-price contract for you, so you can experience the peace of mind that comes from a no-surprises, no-variations build.


Stay in control

With our commitment to continual communication, plus a personalised project management app that’s regularly updated to document progress on your project, you’ll feel in control of your development from day one.